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Project Location: Balikesir, Burhaniye

Project Type: Hotel

Project Type Group: Hotel

Employer: Cihat Yalcin

Project Start Year: 2021

Project Completion Year: 2021

Construction Start Year: -

Construction Completion Year: -

Land Area: 861,90 m2




AUGUST, 2021

Project with residential and commercial project type; It is in a busy and central location in Burhaniye / Kurtuluş Caddesi, located at the intersection of many pedestrian axes and vehicle roads.
The project land also offers a collective solution opportunity by creating a neighborhood between Kurtuluş street and Öksüz Osman street.
This advantage was taken into account in the design, and a complex project consisting of interrelated commercial spaces and a residential site was created by solving different functions at different levels.
In the project, the concepts of human, city, environment, space and neighborhood were accepted as the basic components in the design of the building. In this context, a living project that adapts to the flow of the city is aimed.
of the building; Its operation with its environment forms the basis of the project idea. So that the reach is max. Commercial spaces have been resolved to the ground level where it is at the ground level, and the potential user is included in the project. On the upper level of the dissolved commercial spaces, despite being in the heart of the city, the residential site, which offers a nature-friendly life thanks to its amorphous lines, meets the users.
While the residential site rises on the ground floor formed by the commercial spaces; Thanks to the amorphous lines adopted, natural open spaces were formed on the first floor from time to time and these areas were used as terrace roofs. Thus, a big step has been taken in terms of sustainability, and the continuity of the landscape areas on the ground floor has been ensured on the upper floors.


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