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Project Location: Balikesir, Burhaniye

Project Type: Hotel

Project Type Group: Hotel

Employer: Cihat Yalcin

Project Start Year: 2021

Project Completion Year: 2021

Construction Start Year: -

Construction Completion Year: -

Land Area: 861,90 m2




March, 2022

The building design area, which is 150 meters from the beach in Akçay district of Balıkesir Edremit district, has a position to prepare an infrastructure for a successful design thanks to its proximity to the sea and the green texture around it. 
The basic principle of the project, which will integrate the advantages of the location into the design and bring them together with the user, is the comfort of the spaces such as a winter garden, gallery space, water curtain, jacuzzi, swimming pool, within its architectural-interior architectural integrity, which allows aesthetic, visual, garden and environment-related living as well as the functional use of the spaces. and to create a design suitable for different life philosophies and lifestyles by including elements that increase the quality of life. The floor plans prepared in line with this basic principle are equipped with details that will make life easier. In façade design; The corten joint gaps placed at an angle to the vertical balance the eye-soothing simplicity of white and the sharpness of the anthracite composite material.

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