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Project Location: Balikesir, Burhaniye

Project Type: Hotel

Project Type Group: Hotel

Employer: Cihat Yalcin

Project Start Year: 2021

Project Completion Year: 2021

Construction Start Year: -

Construction Completion Year: -

Land Area: 861,90 m2





in the Burhaniye district of Balikesir.  The building is located on the coast of Pelitköy, which is an important tourism resort in terms of its design area, location and natural beauties. The building, which was created with the aim of directing all the building blocks to the panoramic sea view by taking advantage of the natural slope of the land, was designed by the Göbekli Architecture and Engineering design team. The project design area is located by the sea and away from the noise of the city. Thanks to the mass movements on the facades, the building, which has a contemporary appearance, is supported by the harmony of the materials used with each other. While the wide façade spaces created in the buildings provide the interior space, maximum use of the view is also made. The ground terrace area was designed on the side of the buildings facing the sea, and the semi-open areas between each block were used as parking lots. The building, which combines the view of the Pelitköy coast and modern design, isolates itself from the outside world with its wide and comfortable usage areas and offers you a different life experience.

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