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Project Location: Balikesir, Burhaniye
Project Type: Apartment
Project Type Group: Residential
Employer: Mete Kurbanoğlu
Project Start Year: 2021
Project Completion Year: 2021
Construction Start Year: 2021
Construction Completion Year: -
Land Area: 17524, 00 m2

Total Construction Area: 23540,00 m2

MARCH 2021
The structure created as a result of meeting the design criteria in the project, which offers the opportunity of a holiday in a natural life where nature and sea coexist, is beyond expectations for a holiday.
The building design area is located by the sea, in a whole area with an uninterrupted sea view and a beach. In line with these features of the project area, the salt, humidity and wind directions were calculated in detail and the design parameters were created by blending the data in the most accurate way.
Seaside architecture should be designed and built using weather-resistant materials: salt, moisture, and wind are agents that accelerate material corrosion. Therefore, it was aimed to adapt the design to the area by using sodium bentonite as a basis and concrete with sika additive in the building structure. The layout of the functions in the region, where the eastern wind also plays an important role, is positioned to be protected from the eastern wind.
Large windows were used in order for the building to have maximum contact with natural light. These windows are created so that users can integrate with the landscape and the beauty of the environment.
As a result of reflecting the design criteria to the drawing, a spacious, natural residence design with a lot of social opportunities related to the outside world was created.
The residence design, which is considered modern in terms of building design language and responding to user needs, bears the signature of Cahit Göbekli.

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