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Project Location: Balikesir, Burhaniye

Project Type: Hotel

Project Type Group: Hotel

Employer: Cihat Yalcin

Project Start Year: 2021

Project Completion Year: 2021

Construction Start Year: -

Construction Completion Year: -

Land Area: 861,90 m2




MAY 2021

The building design area is located in Pelitköy, at the foot of Madra Mountain extending to the sea. The east side faces a dense vegetation of olive trees, while the west side integrates with the panoramic sea view and the sunset. A plan chart was created using the available data. It is aimed that the light and the two-way view pass through the structure and spread to every space. The structure, shaped by the geography of the building area, reminds of olive buds. In the structure designed as a hotel, each room is independent from each other by using a modular plan system. When you enter one of these modules, an uninterrupted nature view welcomes you. The use of reflective glass in the building controls the heating rays of the sun and prevents unwanted temperatures in the space.

The building, which stands out with its unique, aesthetic and modern architecture, was designed by Architect Cahit Göbekli.

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