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Project Location: Balikesir, Burhaniye
Project Type: Villa
Project Type Group: Residential
Employer: Gürsel Aksu
Project Start Year: 2020
Project Completion Year: 2020
Construction Start Year: 2020
Construction Completion Year: 2021
Land Area: 643,25 m2

Total Construction Area: 573,60 m2

Cahit Göbekli designed the building to be built in the Taylıeli District of Burhaniye, where you can enjoy nature and the sea together, with a bird's eye view of Edremit Bay, surrounded by olive trees.
As a result of the work carried out by considering the orientation of the designed independent sections, both masses have a panoramic view of the bay. On the façade, where the serapen system, which is resistant to external effects and consists of light panels, is used, the clip-on system is preferred and together with the insulation material used between the carriers, heat loss is prevented as well as its aesthetic appearance.
The building, which meets the demands of the users and attracts attention with its functional and spacious sections, meets the need for a space where you can freely reflect your soul with the landscaping made in its large garden.

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