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Project Location: Muğla, Fethiye
Project Type: Villa
Project Type Group: Residential
Project Start Year: 2020
Project Completion Year: 2020
Construction Start Year: -
Construction Completion Year: -
Land Area: 1500,00 m2

Total Construction Area: 300,00 m2

The building design area is a center of attraction due to its view over Fethiye Bay and its dazzling panoramic view. The structure created as a result of meeting the design criteria of the project, which offers the opportunity of a holiday in a natural life where nature and the sea coexist, is beyond expectations for a holiday.
Cahit Göbekli, who reflects the tent life of the region, to the design, has created bungalows and short-term rental houses in the project area. In addition to being considered modern in terms of building design language and responding to user needs, the material, mass and exterior design are designed in accordance with the texture of the region and at the same time considering environmental handicaps. In the design, which consists of 2 cottage houses and 4 bungalows, personal pools have been created by keeping the privacy of the visitors in the foreground, and each block has been dominated by the view. Instead of standard shutters, wooden shutters were preferred in order to capture the harmony of wooden stone and reflect the traditional materials of the region on the facade, and it is aimed to add depth to the spaces even when the gaps in the design of the shutters are fully closed.
Architect Cahit Göbekli designed the structure to be built in the Fethiye Eldirek region, between the plains and mountains, with a unique sea view in a highland atmosphere.

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