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Project Location: Balikesir, Burhaniye

Project Type: Hotel

Project Type Group: Hotel

Employer: Cihat Yalcin

Project Start Year: 2021

Project Completion Year: 2021

Construction Start Year: -

Construction Completion Year: -

Land Area: 861,90 m2




JUNE, 2021

Balıkesir/ Burhaniye demonstrates an understanding that accelerates the renewal and transformation movement of the region by bringing together its potential resources with investors. Strong agricultural resources, which are effective in this understanding, directly serve the development goal.
Designed for this purpose in the newly established Organized Industrial Zone, Martin Brothers Food Project is a development project with the function it undertakes, the sustainability principles it aims in building design and the employment it creates in the region.
Fruits and vegetables to be produced using the Freeze Dried technique are carefully followed up to this stage and grown in Kırtik Village, which is also known as Organic Village in its region.
The project was based on sustainability and in line with this goal, photovoltaic panels providing renewable energy continuity were used in the roof design. The terrain characteristics of the building where the photovoltaic panels used will be integrated were taken into consideration before starting the PV module design, and the design was developed in this direction.
Cahit Göbekli undertook the design of the factory, which combines function with aesthetics with its unusual, simple and elegant facade design.
The facility, which received support within the scope of the European Union's Rural Development Support Program, is planned to start production in August 2021.

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