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Project Location: Balikesir, Burhaniye
Project Type: Villa
Project Type Group: Residential
Employer: Engin Köse
Project Start Year: 2021
Project Completion Year: 2021
Construction Start Year: 2021
Construction Completion Year: -
Land Area: 282.95 m2

Total Construction Area: 275,70 m2

The building to be designed in Burhaniye, formerly known as Kemer, is a few steps away from the internationally awarded Teachers Mahallesi Beach and Ören Beach. In the building designed in the Teachers' District, at the meeting point of nature and the sea, wide and useful spaces were created as a result of the design that started with applicability and functionality, and a design that appeals to the user's wishes and the eye emerged.
In the building where the transitions between the high garden and the closed and open spaces are provided, with the idea of creating a space within the space, the layout has been made in a way that will allow you to express your personality comfortably outdoors, without any elevation difference.
Cahit Göbekli undertook the design of the building, which stands out in its region with its simple and stylish design, functional and spacious rooms, and aesthetic facade.

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