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Project Location: Balikesir, Burhaniye
Project Type: Villa
Project Type Group: Residential
Project Start Year: 2021
Project Completion Year: 2021
Construction Start Year: -
Construction Completion Year: -
Land Area: 5071,00 m2

Total Construction Area: 2340,00 m2

APRIL, 2021
The building design area is located in Pelitköy Sahil, one of the most beautiful coastal neighborhoods of Burhaniye. These two-storey stylish villas, which stand out with their extraordinary and contemporary architecture, aesthetic understanding that interprets the concept of luxury in a modern style, and especially the use of stone and wood on the exterior, are one of the houses that will be candidates to decorate everyone's dreams. A warm atmosphere has been created on the facade, which is formed by the combination of stone and wood, and has a visually aesthetic appearance. At the entrance of each building, there is a covered parking lot, its own garden, a mini pool where you can cool off in the summer heat and enjoy the summer. Safe, sheltered car parks have been created with the landscaping that allows access to the entrance of each building by vehicle, and ease of transportation is provided. The design, which started with the aim of creating a free and noise-free living space with its large, useful spaces and spacious garden, aimed to appeal not only as a summer residence, but also to all four seasons. The materials used in this direction have been carefully selected, and the optimum result in terms of visual comfort and energy saving has been targeted. Cahit Göbekli undertook the design of the building, where comfort is at the forefront with its simple and elegant design and functional sections.

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