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Project Location: Balikesir, Burhaniye
Project Type: Apartment
Project Type Group: Residence+Shop
Employer: Akin Senturk
Project Start Year: 2021
Project Completion Year: 2021
Construction Start Year: 2021
Construction Completion Year: -
Land Area: 721,30 m2

Total Construction Area: 1650,00 m2

APRIL, 2021
The building design area is located in Burhaniye, where Madra Mountain and Kaz Mountains surround and integrate with the sea. In the immediate vicinity of the designed area, there are social areas, green areas, walking and bicycle paths and sales units and entertainment venues that can be easily accessed.
The conditions brought by its location have been taken into consideration in the project, which will be started to be built in İskele Meydan. Seaside architecture should be designed and built using weather-resistant materials: salt, moisture, and wind are agents that accelerate material corrosion. Therefore, it is aimed to adapt the design to the area by using sodium bentonite as a basis and concrete with sika additive in the building structure. The layout of the functions in the region, where the eastern wind also plays an important role, is positioned to be protected from the eastern wind.
The properties of the permeable materials used in the façade have been selected in accordance with these criteria in order to provide permanent solutions, as the region has recently received heavy immigration and the seasonal life has begun to spread to all four seasons. In the building to be built, the opportunities offered by reinforced concrete will be utilized.
The building designed by Cahit Göbekli appears as a project that meets the demands of the users, makes a difference with different apartment options and panoramic sea views of each apartment, and will add quality to the region.

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